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The DURHAM MOBILE HOME PARK is a beautiful, family owned Park located in the welcoming countryside of West Grey. The Park is an ideal setting for empty nesters heading toward retirement, or those already retired, who want the relaxation and space of year round country living while still benefiting from town amenities. Located five minutes from Durham, fifteen minutes from Hanover, the Park provides easy access to conveniences such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, medical clinics, churches, fitness centres, town shopping, restaurants and many other facilities, clubs and services. The Park is a pleasant community of permanent residence year round mobile homes. An excellent environment to encourage quiet country living, develop friendships, enjoy gardening, walking and many other activities and hobbies.  We often call the Park the 50 Plus Club since that is where most of us are!

John & CarolAnn Bender
Rufus & Ellen Bender

John and CarolAnn Bender are second-generation owners of the company, Durham Mobile Homes and Park Limited.  The Durham Mobile Home Park was started by John's father, Rufus Bender, in 1972.  John and CarolAnn have three sons, Christian, Caleb and Kane, who grew up helping their Dad and Poppy at the Park.  Their eldest son, Christian, who has an established construction business, JCB & Sons, continues to be a visible presence at the Durham Mobile Home Park.  Both John and Christian are licensed Water Operators for the Park’s water system.  It won’t be long before the fourth-generation of Bender boys, Christian's sons, Gabriel and Jude, will be earning their pocket money by helping their Dad and Poppy too.

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