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Information & Fees


The Monthly Fees, which include the Lot Rent and the Water & Waste Water Fee, range from $600 to $675, depending on the mobile home and Lot. 

The Quarterly Fee no longer applies as it has been absorbed into the monthly fees.

Tenant Pre-Approval is required.  Prospective purchasers, who wish to keep the mobile home within the Park, must undergo an interview process in order to receive a Letter of Approval as Tenants of the Durham Mobile Home Park.  During our meeting the Park Rules will be discussed, questions you may have will be answered and the Fees will be confirmed.  


Services provided:


  • Water System daily tested by Licensed Water Operators

  • Maintenance of all in-ground waterlines

  • Septic cleaning, care and maintenance

  • Park main roadway maintenance

  • Snow removal of main Park roadway

  • Garbage Bin for household garbage

  • Street light maintenance

  • Blue box pick up (provided by Municipality)

Frequently Asked Questons

Are pets allowed in the Park?

Yes, many of our Tenants enjoy owning pets. Pets must be cared for and kept under control so they do not interfere with neighbouring Tenants.  Pet litter must be cleaned up and disposed of. 


Are there mobile homes for rent in the Park?

All mobile homes are owned by Tenants who rent a lot in the Park.  We do not have mobile homes for rent. 


Is yard maintenance provided?

Our Tenants enjoy maintaining and caring for their own yards.  We maintain the Park lands and the main roadway.


May a motorhome, travel trailer or boat be stored or parked on a lot in the park in addition to the full sized mobile home on the lot?

Not all lots are suitable to keep a motorhome, travel trailer or boat.  You would require an approval letter from us to confirm the lot is suitable.

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